The commune of Serodino, based on the department of Iriondo, will start mining digital assets as part of a project encouraged by the public and private sectors of the South American country.

With less than 6,000 citizens residing in the area, Serodino, in the Province of Santa Fe, has opted for exploring mining activities as an alternative method to strengthen the financial system in the face of the economic crisis that the country is currently facing. According to local media outlets, the president of the town, Juan Pío Drovetta, revealed the details of the project this week.

In an interview for Radio Dos, Drovetta revealed that the crypto mining proposal arrived in a series of debates with the “kids from the commune” about alternative ways of financing for the region. Based 50 kilometers from Rosario, the town has been going through financial struggles due to the increasing inflation of the national asset.

Drovetta highlighted that they have been working hard and doing the proper research on this financial activity, which is very broad and has pretty innovative features to evolve, improve the knowledge, and increase the economic development.

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The communal chief confirmed to the news media that citizens residing in Serodino had shown good stances about the plans. Drovetta said he raised this Information above all with local SME entrepreneurs. People seemed to react well; some of the entrepreneurs supporting the project previously knew the matter.

Drovetta also added that the surprise they had was that two of the people in business who gladly supported the project knew what was about to happen. Cryptocurrency mining operations will start as an initiative linked to the project jointly created by the private and public sectors. Both have pooled resources to acquire the proper equipment to carry out this activity.

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According to the media, the facility will initially count on at least six video cards participating in a crypto mining team. Although no details got revealed about the mining devices or the digital assets that they will get to mine, the commune president highlighted that they hope to gather at least 50,000 or even 70,000 Argentine pesos monthly from this activity.

The municipality has zero intentions to keep the crypto assets since the primary strategy is to exchange the gathered incomes for Argentine pesos. In general, Drovetta, who did not come across as particularly expert on the subject, was optimistic about the project. “This is a crypto generation. Here you always win,” he said, noting that the project had zero interest in speculative operations.

By: Jenson Nuñez


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