Conger has tweeted about moves to adopt Bitcoin in Jackson and has appeared convinced of its relevance in the US economy. The mayor said that the Blockchain Task Force is looking for ways to accept property tax payments in Bitcoin.

Scott Conger recently revealed that he believes in Bitcoin as a solution to the inflation in his country. He has been the mayor of the City of Jackson in Tennessee, the United States, since June 2019.

In recent weeks, Conger has been tweeting about the cryptocurrency and the moves of the city to adopt it. For several months, he has appeared convinced about the relevance of the pioneering cryptocurrency in the US economy.

In April, the mayor first announced his plan to integrate cryptocurrencies into the economy of Jackson. He said that he wants to meet with people who know blockchain technology well to discuss how to incorporate those assets in the city.

According to Conger, the first cryptocurrency on the market can provide more opportunities for constituents. He was pleased to hear governments discuss different ways of financing things. He added that having more options would allow them to put them to the test.

Scott Conger Believes that Bitcoin is an Instrument against Inflation

Scott Conger noted that the inflation rate in the United States has risen by 172.8% during his 37 years of life.

Similarly, Conger called on citizens to demand much more from the federal government. He even indicated that the value of the US dollar has been going down over time.

Conger followed the example of Miami Mayor Francis Suárez, who has lobbied to adopt tax and wage payments in Bitcoin. Besides supporting Bitcoin mining, he seeks to add the cryptocurrency to the balance sheet of the city.

Conger Creates a Blockchain Task Force to Implement Bitcoin

Mayor Scott Conger recently announced on Twitter that he would form a Blockchain Task Force. He explained that this would help explore a way to better position the City of Jackson for the future.

He noted that their group is investigating how @CityofJacksonTN can accept property tax payments in Bitcoin. Furthermore, he said it would allow their employees the dollar cost averaging (DCA) in Bitcoin.

The DCA is an investment strategy that aims to reduce the impact of volatility on large purchases of financial assets such as stocks.

Conger also explained that their Blockchain Task Force is looking for ways for the city to accept payments in Bitcoin. Similarly, the City of Jackson is working to allow its employees to pay property taxes in Bitcoin.

Curiously, the community has received the news about the Blockchain Task Force positively. Twitter users showed their support for Mayor Scott Conger’s proposal.

Conger believes that the only solution to beat inflation in the United States is the cryptocurrency of Satoshi Nakamoto. While he supports Bitcoin, most US regulators have it in their sights to regulate and ban its use.

By Alexander Salazar


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