For each DAI donated, the project will plant about 10 trees in strategic areas of Africa.

A new platform could allow donations with crypto assets for a reforestation project in Africa. As it is known until now, the new platform called “rTrees” would enable the procedure by targeting donations through the use and possession of the stablecoin DAI.

The data indicates that this service is being created similar to the Ethereum blockchain. It works through a system of donations that are made through the use of Smart Contracts. This was clarified by Victor Rortvedt, who is a developer of decentralized applications (dApps) for the Ethereum ecosystem, during an interview that was published in local media.

The text of the press release indicates that the protocol uses some liquidity percentages obtained through Compound, this platform calculates the interest rate that will be donated.

“DAI holders who use rTrees will not see a decrease in their financial position, while Trees for Future will receive real financial contributions that will help us accomplish the mission”, rTrees said.

By using this platform, the project called rTrees, from the non-profit organization Trees for the Future will benefit from donations in cryptocurrencies. On the organization’s website, it is also noted that they work focusing on projects such as the “Forest Gardens Program”.

As is well known, the Forest Gardens program focuses mainly on three factors that turn out to be problems for farmers in Africa. In the first place, the self-sustenance of the ecosystem through planting, reducing high levels of poverty by promoting the creation of new jobs for African families and avoiding agricultural or mining practices that adversely affect the major forest areas.

According to the organization’s website, the project currently covers more than six countries in Africa. Among those are Cameroon, Tanzania, Senegal, Guinea, Uganda, and Kenya, thus benefiting more than 3,000 families throughout the region.

Crypto-Donations for the Environment

The use of cryptocurrencies for ecological and environmental purposes has been growing in recent years. Like the use of blockchain platforms that serve as sustenance to achieve new methods of raising money by donations or as foundations to avoid the use of paper by digital means, among other things.

As a clear example of this, in 2014, Rainforest Foundation, another non-profit organization, allowed donations through cryptocurrencies for its ecosystem protection program in the Amazon forests. After the wave of fires occurred in the region in 2019, the foundation managed to give more strength to its cryptocurrency donation program.

Similarly, currently, there are several donation campaigns with cryptocurrencies so that firefighters responsible for fighting fires in Australian forests will be more prepared.

Many of these initiatives arise as ways to increase revenue for charitable purposes; other projects focus on having the necessary investment to combat or reduce pollutant gas emissions.

In this way, cryptocurrencies now are an additional method of raising necessary funds that can boost charitable projects of any kind.

By María Rodríguez


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