The competition combines video games patterns, virtual reality, and cryptocurrencies. The first team to obtain 400 of 1,000 fragments of the private key will be able to move the funds

This Monday, April 15th, the bitcoiner community received an invitation to find the keys of a bitcoin wallet and earn a million dollars, as part of the Satoshis Treasure game; one of the virtual games with cryptocurrencies and wallets that have been played during the last months to boost the fondness for cryptoactives.

An anonymous user transmitted the message and challenged the rest of the Bitcoin community to what he called Satoshi’s Treasure, a contest “that will test the resolution, courage, intelligence, and experience of potential hunters”, he said. Taking into account the current exchange rate, the prize is approximately 198 BTC.

In order to access the reward, the Satoshis Treasure hunters participating in the competition must recover 400 of the 1,000 fragments of the bitcoin’s portfolio private keys, which are hidden in different locations worldwide.

In the game, the hunters will have to overcome various challenges which difficulty will increase as they advance in the competition. This will allow them to find the keys to the million-dollar treasure, according to the developers of the game.

Players can register on the website to get more information and receive notifications about their progress in the competition. In addition, they will receive clues that will help them reach their goal.

The first track was transmitted using the Blockstream satellite, which transmits data related to Bitcoin. As reported by the team of Satoshis Treasure, there will be challenges that require knowledge of encryption, logic, and mathematics, the possibility of visiting remote locations and the performance of feats of strength, similar to an action movie.

Eric Meltzer, co-creator of the game, explained that the hunters will be able to see in a ranking table which is the team that leads the house, a style similar to the Hunger Games. He added that more than 6,000 people have signed up for the game’s mailing list.

The Zcash Co-Creator, Ian Miers, and 18 other collaborators participated to prevent anyone else from knowing the program or the location of all the tracks. “There are some clues that are very useful for treasure hunts and clues that deal with logical puzzles or mathematical problems”, he explained.

Meltzer clarified that there is no specific group of rules to participate. Because of this, bitcoiners rated it as a game compared to Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One movie.

“When the winning team wins they do so by taking the bitcoin and we have nothing to do with this. We‘re not giving the prize,”… “There are so many unknowns in this game that we kind of just want to see what happens.”, Meltzer said.

Bitcoin games have become very popular. One of the most recent was in France when a thousand dollars in bitcoins were hidden in the Liberty Leading the People artwork, which was resolved in 2018.

This April 16, 17 and 18 the game will reveal the first three keys to obtain the keys of the Satoshis Treasure, which will allow competitors to advance in the million-dollar hunt.

By María Victoria Rodríguez


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