The project called “Blockchers” is focused on allocating efforts in small and medium-sized companies that seek to promote blockchain solutions.

As part of a competition that seeks to finance blockchain projects with 50,000 euros, small and medium-sized companies in Europe that are interested in obtaining this benefit could participate in the second edition of the project called “Blockchers”.

The financing would be obtained after a selection process that may conclude in final competitions, where those with the most innovative ideas would be the winners. As it is known, the reception of the projects to compete began on January 13th and will end its registration on March 13th of this year 2020.

The process in which Blockchers makes its contribution to the contestants that have been selected is divided into four parts in which it seeks to distribute the funds by different areas. It is for this reason that among the conditions for the contestants the calendar is stipulated by phases: Call, immersion, implementation, and recognition.

When the proposal reception process has been completed, which would happen on March 16th, the project evaluations will begin and these revisions will end on April 3rd.

The project seeks to make possible a balanced competition among the participants. It is for this reason that since the beginning of the second stage of the contest, which is the immersion, the applicants who have been selected will receive the sum of 3,000 euros for the preparation of a presentation with mockup and tools that work to expose the project to the judges.

At the end of these two phases, it is known that participants will continue with the implementation stage, where each participant will acquire 30,000 euros to start up with the solution they have prepared. The data indicate that this assignment will be prepared and adjusted to the points reached according to the so-called Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

At the end of this phase, the last stage (Recognition) will be in charge of rewarding the participants who managed to stand out among the others. The first place in the contest, which has developed the best blockchain solution, will receive a prize of 17,000 euros. The second place will get 13,000 euros. This would reach the collection target they have planned for 430,000 euros.

As cited as part of the contest information, the new phase selection method will allow obtaining better results. This is according to the directives of the awards.

“Each stage includes a set of activities that qualify for financial support. All funds disbursed will be based on concrete results and not administrative justifications”, they said.

The first call for the contest managed to get more than 100 applications to obtain the financing prize. A total of 12 proposals were selected to be executed. And it is known to date that eight of those blockchain solutions are in the implementation phase and will end in March when the winner will be selected.

This is another strategy to promote the use and exploitation worldwide of new technologies such as blockchain.

By María Rodríguez


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