The small facility works on the car’s internal battery. Byrne also controls a mining farm with at least 78 graphics cards.

Simon Byrne, An Ethereum miner and a resident of the city of Las Vegas, United States, showed on January 22 the curious installation of a small mining farm in his BMW i8, which works with six Nvidia RTX 3080s graphics cards.

Byrne is an enthusiast of ether (ETH), the Ethereum currency, and posted on his Twitter account a photo of his car, accompanied by the message: “the only practical use for the trunk of a BMW i8 is to host a platform of mining 6 x RTX 3080”.

Days later, he uploaded another message on the social network, explaining why he made the curious installation. “The RTX 3080 mining rig in the trunk of a BMW is ‘just to annoy gamers,'” he wrote.

It is essential to consider that the Nvidia RTX 3080s cards are precious objects for gamers and are currently challenging to find. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang acknowledged last year that demand for the hardware is so massive that it’s hard for them to keep up with manufacturing.

Byrne installed the system that receives the power-up of an ASUS B250 Mining Expert board and an EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 T2 power supply, in addition to an extra-power up from the car’s battery, reported a media specialized in computer components.

Although it is fully functional, Byrne acknowledged that it lacks practicality since, to keep the mining farm running and not overheat, you must keep the trunk open. The car can generate up to 3500W, and the mining farm consumes only 1500W.

Byrne took the opportunity to give his opinion regarding cryptocurrencies and assured that he is not in the world of crypto mining “to make quick money.” However, he acknowledges that he will take whatever profits he can. “I’m in this because it is a vision of a utopian world where services work through voluntary relationships.”

Byrne also says that its “success depends on the success of others.” He believes that people who believe in cryptocurrencies must “voluntarily invest their time and energy in helping others grow up without coercion or the threat of violence.”

A Small Mining Farm and Byrne’s Ambitions

The miner reached fame in the crypto-environment for being the owner of a mining farm in Las Vegas, which works with 78 PNY GeForce RTX 3080 graphics cards. Byrne explained in late 2020 that he built such a farm with a budget of $ 100,000. Based on that figure, each graphics card’s price was USD 1,199. Initially, their price was USD 699, but high demand caused their price to rise.

Regarding electrical energy, each card consumes around 300W, so it would require at least 23.4 kilowatts of power to operate. Other details about the topic area that the mining farm produces at least 17.34 ETH per month, which is equivalent to $ 21,867.13, according to CoinMarketCap (at time of writing), so annually Byrne could make a profit of USD 262,405.

By: Jenson Nuñez


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