The Swiss startup from Sirin Labs (, partnered with Faxconn, codenamed as finney is the new initiative to apply Blockchain technology to the mobile field.

In late 2017 Sirin Labs announced their first Blockchain, Android based, smartphone with different new features such as build-in encrypted communications, Cold Storage Criptocurrency Wallet, and Peer to Peer resource sharing, with a launching price of 999$, although Sirin Labs are planning on licensing its technology to bigger manufacturers in order to low its current price to a more affordable $200.

The startup for the production of the Finney raised $158 million, with more than 25,000 preorders, according to the company. It´s not wrong to say cryptocurrency enthusiast and early adopters and exited about this project, due to this interest of the community Faxconn the Taiwanese giant of technology is currently getting on board to manufacture this innovative project.

‘It will let owners shop on crypto friendly sites like and Expedia, converting cash into specialized tokens if needed,’ an excerpt from the report read. ‘Users may also activate their phone’s Wi-Fi while commuting and get paid in tokens by fellow bus riders looking for access to a wireless network.’

The smartphone is expected to arrive to online stores on October in eight different countries including Turkey and Vietnam. Sirin chief executive Moshe Hogeg expects to sell the Finney through mobile carriers in the future with a shipping target between 100,000 to more than one million phones to te end of 2018. Watch the launching trailer using this link


by Samuel Larreal


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