Saturday, May 21, 2022
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The consumption of electricity increased by 7% compared with that of last year. This indicator is presumably related to crypto-mining Each machine to mine cryptocurrencies consumes the equivalent of the energy consume by 24 Iranian homes, according...
A data system for organ donors is one of the proposals that the region seeks to implement The Government of Catalonia recently approved a plan to incorporate blockchain technology in public administration. A total of seven...
Blockchain increasingly gains traction in the everyday world, a greater number of use and application cases are generated daily in an increasingly globalized and competitive economy that generates demand for tangible, reliable and safe goods and services.
The blockchain technology is, without a doubt, here to stay. In addition to shipping companies, cryptocurrency projects, the food industry, the educational field, and numerous other ventures, now; some of the most influential luxury goods firms in the planet have identified...



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